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Is reading a struggle?
You've read with your student and to your student, you've tried summer workbooks and maybe even in-school tutoring, but the struggle remains.  Guessing or skipping words altogether, slow and choppy reading, and working so hard to decode unfamiliar words all continues. 

Hi, I'm Hannah and I understand the struggle.  As a teacher and parent, I've watched my students and my child struggle to "break the code" of reading.  At one point, I was spending over an hour and a half each night with my struggling 4th grader as they were preparing for the dreaded state testing.  It was exhausting and disheartening!  That's when I decided to get training in the science of how reading and the brain works.  

You know the saying "It's not rocket science!"?  Well, reading may not be rocket science, but it IS a science.  There is a science behind how our brain codes words and it involves both sides of the brain and multiple centers within the brain working together to pull words off a page.  That's where explicit and multi-sensory instruction come in.   This is the instruction that all struggling readers need!

I would highly recommend Mrs. Collins to anyone whose child is struggling with reading.  Not only is she insightful when designing a course plan, but also very caring and encouraging.

Rochelle D.

Our Services



Homeschool Portfolio Reviews

A certified teacher to meet with you and your student(s), look over the student's work portfolio and answer any questions you may have.  County forms are provided and you have access to your Florida Certified teacher for questions throughout the school year via email or text. 


Reading Intervention

Individual reading instruction that includes initial testing and ongoing progress monitoring to ensure we are making progress towards your student's reading goals.  This is ideal for students who have some reading struggles and want to close the gaps with targeted instruction designed just for them and lots of opportunities for practicing to automaticity.


OG Structured Literacy Sessions

Individual Orton-Gillingham based reading sessions by a certified Dyslexia Interventionist.  Beginning with initial assessment, academic plan, and ongoing progress monitoring, your student will have two sessions per week with notes about student progress after each session.  This is ideal for students with Dyslexia or other learning based struggles. 

Florida Certified Teacher

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OG Certified

Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist


Reading Endorsed


"What we learn with pleasure we never forget"

-Alfred Mercier

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