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Homeschool Portfolio: What to Include

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

It's the end of another school year and you are wrapping up curriculum and pulling all of your student's work together to get ready for your annual homeschool portfolio review. Here is a list of what to include:

1) A list of curriculum used

2) A list of books read (by the student or to the student - does NOT have to be comprehensive)

3) Any records of projects or field trips and activities done (if you keep a planner for the year that will be perfect, but a list jotted down as you go works just as well).

4)Samples of student completed work (in their handwriting). A few pages from the beginning, a few from the middle, and a few from the end of the "year" in each subject. The goal here is to show that the student completed their work and the work increased in difficulty throughout the year. Basically, you are showing your student's growth in each subject from the begging of the year to the end.

That's it! You can organize your student's portfolio any way you wish. A binder or accordion file folder are the most popular, but whatever works for you and keeps you organized is great.

Once you complete your portfolio evaluation with a licensed teacher you should include a copy of the form you send in to the school board with your portfolio. It is recommended to keep the portfolio for 2 years after the review is complete.

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